Services For Individuals


Wedding is a significant moment of life for the majority of us and that is why would like you to have a perfect wedding day without the slightest problems.
One of the important aspects of wedding is also a choice of a good florist. M. Huszárová Florist’s arranged flower decorations for almost 200 of weddings and not a single one was connected with a negative reference. Our florists are highly appreciated professionals who will help you to realize your ideas and to induce an unforgettable atmosphere of this significant day at the same time. The wedding floristics is one of the most important specializations and having considered the fact we can offer to you the entire wedding service. Our florists are ready to give you consultations concerning size, stylization, colours, budget and location of the wedding ceremony. Consultations are always unbinding and free. Wedding flowers can be seen in gallery.
Except the wedding floristics, we can offer to you wide range of our other services:
  • Preparation of various decorative accessories made from dried and artificial flowers suitable for interiors

  • Settings made from fresh cut and artificial flowers (from SIA company) in accordance with particular themes (e.g. Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine’s day, seasons),

  • Full wedding and funeral service
  • Decorations for various social events,
  • Such as interior accessories from SIA Home Fashion (French designer company), ASA, Leonardo, self-irrigation flower pots from Lechuza company and many other items from our assortment,
  • Flower delivery and distribution in Brno and its surroundings.
Thanks to our e-shop it is easy to have your friends, relatives and girlfriends presented with flower gift supplemented with sweets or a bottle of good wine. We know from our own experience how much can such a gift please!