Payment with credit card


If you are not successful with credit card payment, it could be because of the following reason:

  • you may have filled information about your credit card wrong,
  • you may have overdrawn your limit for Internet transaction,
  • your credit card is not allowed to be used on the Internet, you have to contact your bank.

Check information about possibility of using your credit card on Internet at your bank .


We accept VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

Paying with credit card is safe because:

  • we use 3D-Secure solution – the latest application of MasterCard and Visa association allowing safe payment with credit card on the Internet,
  • you put information about your credit card directly to the bank,
  • nobody of our stuff has access to your credit card,
  • data transmission takes place through secured HTTPS protocol, which encrypt the information.

We accept:

  • VISA Electron
  • VISA
  • Maestro (in case it has been included by your bank in 3D-Secure system)
  • MasterCard

Visa Visa Electron MasterCard Maestro


How do you pay?


If you are going to pay for the chosen goods with your credit card, select the type of your credit card. You will be redirected to the our processing bank, where you have to put information about your credit card: credit card number, date of card validity  and CVV2/CVC2 – last three digits on back side of your credit card.


The information are put directly to the bank. The bank just gives us the result of authorization and instruction to finish order.


You wil be informed about the result of transaction by e-mail. 


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